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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Police Brutality in Dallas, Texas

A 28-year-old motorcyclist was beaten by three Dallas, Texas police officers in early September 2010 following a chase. The police officers are facing criminal charges for their roles in the police brutality incident. Some of the confrontation was caught by a dashboard camera in one of the police vehicles before an officer moved the camera to avoid filming the beating.

The 28-year-old-man suffered personal injuries from being beaten with the officers’ fists and batons. All three officers are faced with felony charges and two of the officers face misdemeanor charges. The charges include:

  • Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence
  • Assault and official oppression

There is no evidence that this police brutality incident was the cause of any racial prejudice. Dallas police are investigating the incident and internal affairs investigations are being conducted on two of the three officers. The third officer, who was still on probation as a new member of the department, was fired.

Naturally, the police officers involved in the Dallas police brutality incident do not represent the Dallas police force philosophy of treating citizens with fairness and compassion. And, while police brutality cases are rare, they still happen. If you have been the victim of police brutality, please contact the Cochran Firm today. You have rights and the Dallas police brutality lawyers at the Cochran Firm are committed to protecting those rights.


posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 8:34 AM

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