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Friday, December 21, 2012

Employer’s Workplace Safety Responsibilities

Premises liability cases frequently revolve around an employee suffering a significant personal injury while at work. These cases present their own sets of unique challenges, as many employees are reluctant to object to unsafe working conditions for fear of losing their jobs or being punished in some way. The lawyers at The Cochran Firm want you to know that not only do you have rights, but your employer has certain responsibilities when it comes to your safety. Those responsibilities include:

•    Provide a Safe Workplace: The most basic responsibility an employer has is to provide employees with a safe workplace that meets the legal standards set by OSHA and other government entities.

•    Notify Employees of Their Rights: By law employers must post, in a prominent location, an OSHA poster outlining the rights their employees have when it comes to their safety and well-being.

•    Keep Records of Injuries: Employers must keep detailed, accurate records of the work-related injuries and illnesses that occur on their premises. This information can prove crucial in establishing employer knowledge of dangerous circumstances.

•    Not Discriminate Against Employees: Employers must not discriminate against or otherwise punish employees who exercise their rights under federal law.

Employers who neglect their safety responsibilities should be held accountable for workplace injuries their employees suffer.

If you have suffered a significant personal injury while working and feel your employer bears some responsibility, or if you have questions about your rights under state and federal law, please contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Cochran Firm for a free consultation.

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