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Friday, October 11, 2013

Pursuing Compensation from Drunk Drivers

Every year tens of thousands of Americans are killed in accidents caused by drunk drivers. These are accidents that should not have happened and lives that should not have been lost. And this does not even take into account all those innocent victims who suffered devastating injuries in these accidents.

The accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm know this isn’t right. Getting behind the wheel while drunk is a violation of the most basic duty we have as drivers, and it puts everyone on the road in danger.

Our accident lawyers can’t bring back a loved one you lost in an auto accident, and we can’t make up for the pain you suffered and time you spent recovering after you were injured. However, we can pursue justice and compensation on your behalf.

By examining police reports, speaking to witnesses and poring over physical evidence we can determine the cause of your accident. And if it was a drunken driver, our accident lawyers will pursue every avenue on your behalf.

Drunk driving isn’t acceptable. Ever.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver and you’d like to speak to an accident lawyer, please contact The Cochran Firm today for a free consultation. 

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