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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When is the Federal Government Involved in a Criminal Case?

When we think of "the government," we tend to think of the federal government in Washington, D.C.: the White House, Congress, etc. However, the reality is that on criminal matters, most cases involve local and state issues. Still, the federal government is obviously a major player in the criminal justice game, and when facing federal charges, you will need an experienced federal criminal lawyer on your side.

As noted, most criminal cases are handled by state and local authorities. Federal authorities are empowered to intervene only when a specific federal statute is violated. In very specific circumstances the federal government will pursue charges against a defendant acquitted in a state court, but Justice Department policy makes that a rare event.

Federal criminal charges are often leveled when an alleged crime involves the crossing of state lines. Common examples of these cases include:

It's too simplistic to say that federal charges are more "serious" than state charges, but federal cases do present unique challenges to defendants and their representation. Federal investigative and prosecutorial entities have greater resources than their state and local counterparts.

The Cochran Firm's federal criminal lawyers have experience representing clients in federal court. We know how to defend your rights during a federal prosecution.

If you've been accused of a crime and need an experienced federal criminal lawyer, please contact The Cochran Firm today for a free consultation.

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