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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Risky Underwater Maneuver Attempted to Stop Spewing Oil

As our blog readers know, The Cochran Firm has been closely following the BP oil spill and its aftermath for the last several weeks. The latest news is that BP is now using robot submarines to stop the flow of the oil that is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. Since the end of April, hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil have spewed into the waters of the Gulf, and initial efforts to contain the spill have all failed.

The robot submarines are being used to sever a damaged pipe; BP's efforts to cut the riser pipe (which is under water) was one of the first steps to place a cap over the well once the oil began gushing out of it. If the robot submarines can successfully perform the "cut and cap" maneuver, then engineers can place a cap over the stub of the well. If the pipe is cut smoothly, the cap can fit tightly and stop the gushing oil.

In the meantime, oil is now washing ashore on the islands off Alabama and Mississippi in what has now become the worst oil spill in US history. A total of 798,000 gallons of oil poured into the Gulf Coast region, and now a criminal investigation into the spill has begun. United States Attorney General Eric Holder has said, "If we find evidence of illegal behavior, we will be forceful in our response." BP reps claim they will cooperate fully with the investigation; BP has already spent over $1 billion on cleaning up the spill.

The Cochran Firm’s extensive experience in environmental litigation can help those affected by this horrible disaster. If your life and livelihood have been affected by the BP oil spill, please contact the aggressive, compassionate Cochran Firm attorneys today to schedule a consultation to hear the details of your case.

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posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 8:09 AM

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