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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill in Houston, Texas

The impacts of the Gulf oil spill will be felt for decades. Lives, livelihoods and futures have been lost or changed forever across the Gulf coast. Those responsible for the oil spill have acted quickly to deflect blame or deny culpability so it is important that those affected by the oil spill act quickly to protect their legal rights.

Immediately after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP signed up legal teams, scientists and laboratories specializing in the collection and analysis of air, sea, marsh and beach samples, evidence crucial to proving damages in environmental and toxic substance cases. What have you done to protect your legal rights?

As attorneys with decades of experience representing victims of maritime injuries, wrongful deaths and environmental abuses, The Cochran Firm realizes that Gulf coast property and business owners are facing enormous economic damages, health concerns and uncertain challenges in the future.

Our attorneys can evaluate your claim for damages to your business or industry such as oyster, shrimp or other fishing, tourism, resort, hospitality and shipping; damage to your coastal property and the devastating results of government-mandated shutdowns during clean-up efforts. In addition, those workers involved in the clean-up efforts are exposed to the oil, oil dispersants and other pollutants that may cause respiratory and neurological problems for years to come.

We encourage the residents of the Houston, Texas area to contact the experienced maritime and environmental attorneys at The Cochran Firm for skilled and determined legal counsel in your pursuit of justice and financial compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered during the ongoing catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf.


posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 11:08 AM

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