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Friday, August 6, 2010

13-Year-Old Boy Causes Auto Accident

A 13-year-old boy driving in Modesto, California caused an auto accident Wednesday, injuring three people. The boy was driving his mother's sedan. She was in the car with him and was trying to teach him to drive.

The auto accident occurred when the boy drove into an intersection and crashed into a truck. The sedan rolled over during the accident. The boy, his mother, and his 16-year-old sister were all taken to local hospitals to be evaluated.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the truck did not have a stop sign.

The judgment of the mother must be called into question. There is a reason that state governments place age requirements on the ability to receive a learner's permit and a driver's license. In the state of California, the legal age to receive your learner's permit is 15 ½ and you can then receive your driver's license at age 16 if you pass the written and road tests. Clearly, this boy was several years away from legally getting behind the wheel in any capacity.

This incident seems to reaffirm that children under the legal driving age should not be given the keys to their parent's car, even if they are under supervision. In this situation, three people suffered minor injuries. However, in the future, a more serious accident could occur.

If you have suffered an injury in an auto accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. Please contact the auto accident attorneys at The Cochran Firm today to schedule your free initial consultation. We serve clients nationwide.


posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 2:07 PM

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