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Friday, September 24, 2010

Alabama Woman Dies Due to Medical Malpractice

Lucy Thomas' mother died at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida after receiving hip replacement surgery. The hospital staff declared that Thomas’ mother died of stress caused by the surgery and a heart attack. Thomas is certain that her mother died due to the injection of an undiluted heart medicine and that the hospital staff is guilty of medical malpractice.

Thomas’ mother’s body was embalmed and prepared for her funeral in Alabama. Unfortunately, any evidence of an overdose may have been destroyed during the embalming process. Thomas’ mother’s body was returned to Fort Myers from Alabama for an autopsy to discover if medical malpractice caused Thomas’ mother’s wrongful death.

If a jury finds Lee Memorial Hospital guilty of medical malpractice, then they are in turn guilty of lying and having committed fraud. Thomas has rejected any settlement offers and her lawyer is seeking an undisclosed amount from the jury.

When a hospital or hospital staff acts in a negligent manner and causes a patient to suffer a personal injury or wrongful death, the hospital is guilty of committing medical malpractice. It is illegal for the hospital to try to cover up the negligent behavior.

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posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 8:32 AM

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