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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Police Officers Use Excessive Force in Dothan, Alabama

On September 13, 2010, the opening arguments began in a Dothan Federal Courthouse in a police brutality trail brought forth by a woman who claims that one police officer used excessive force against her while another officer was present and failed to intervene.

According to the plaintiff, she was restrained face down in a Southeast Alabama Medical Center gurney and one of the police officers used a TASER gun on her three times consecutively. She claims the second police officer stood nearby and did nothing to prevent the excessive brutality.

The officers claim that the woman was unrestrained at the time the first officer used the TASER gun and only used it twice after repeatedly warning her to calm down. They claim she kept attempting to kick and bite the police officers.

Both officers are being charged with:

• Excessive force
• Assault and battery

Police officers are responsible for keeping us safe. Sometimes, however, police officers use excessive force or needlessly use their TASER guns causing personal injury and wrongful death to those they are meant to protect.

If you have been a victim of police brutality in Dothan, Alabama, do not hesitate to contact the Dothan personal injury attorneys at the Cochran Firm.


posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 8:35 AM

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