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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sharing the Road With Pedestrians

Walking is a pastime enjoyed by millions of Americans. And if you're one of these Americans, you have a right to walk safely along the nation's roadways. The Cochran Firm's auto accident lawyers believe strongly that vehicle drivers have a legal obligation to share the road with pedestrians.

Unfortunately, the number of pedestrian injuries we see makes clear that too many drivers fail to take this responsibility seriously. We can help if you've been struck by a car while walking or biking in a safe, legal fashion.

When you cross the street at an intersection with the light in your favor, you have a right to expect you can do so safely. Drivers who are distracted by their phones or who are driving drunk put you in danger of serious, even fatal, injuries.

The Cochran Firm can investigate your accident and determine its cause. If we can prove that the driver who hit you was violating his responsibilities and driving recklessly, we can pursue justice and compensation on your behalf.

You shouldn't have to pay the price when you were following the law and walking safely. We can give you a little relief at this difficult time.

If you've suffered an injury after being struck by a car and you need an auto accident lawyer experienced with pedestrian injuries, please contactThe Cochran Firm today for a free consultation

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