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Thursday, May 6, 2010

GM Recalls Hummer Model On Defect Concerns

General Motors has announced the voluntary recall of all Hummer H3s produced since the 2006 model year in another case of defective vehicles. A spokesman for Hummer said that an ornamental device on the hood, called a louver, can come loose and detach from the car during driving. The recall affects 164,190 Hummers in the U.S.

The carmaker warned that if the louver came loose from the car it could hit another vehicle, possibly distracting drivers and leading to an auto accident.

According to Hummer spokesman Nick Richards, two complaints about the problem have been filed in this country and three in Japan.

Any defective product poses dangers to the user. Where vehicles are concerned, even a small problem can cause catastrophe on the road. It seems that almost every day another automobile manufacturer is issuing a recall. If you have been driving a vehicle for years, and suddenly a recall is announced, you have been in a hazardous situation that you could not possibly have known about. The risk of personal injury or death was there all the time, and if an accident did occur, you might need capable attorneys to defend your interests.

At The Cochran Firm, we are proud of our record in representing clients who have suffered from vehicle manufacturing defects. If you have had an experience of this kind, please contact us for a confidential, no-obligation review of your case at any of our nationwide offices.


posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 10:33 AM

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