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Friday, July 16, 2010

BP Oil Spill Contained…For Now

Cautious optimism is the mood among Gulf Coast residents, BP executives, and government officials this morning. As of now, the new well cap placed on the ruptured BP oil well seems to be working, and the oil spill is being contained. Pressure in the cap has been steadily rising, a sign that no oil is being forced out through a fresh leak. However, the pressure has not reached optimum levels yet. Hopefully, that will occur shortly.

BP officials are currently conducting an integrity test on the well cap. The testing may take several days to complete, but afterwards, engineers will have a much clearer picture of the extent to which the leak has been contained. Once the testing is complete, BP plans to open the valves on the well cap to siphon the oil to two ships located on the surface of the ocean.

It is important to understand that the new well cap is not a permanent solution. BP is currently constructing two relief wells to contain the oil spill for the long term. The relief wells should be completed sometime in August.

Hopefully, the focus of the operation will be able to shift to clean-up efforts in the coming weeks. Since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in late April, the Gulf Coast has been ravaged by the oil spill, which has become the worst in our nation's history. Individuals working in the fishing and tourism industries have been hit hardest financially; however, the ecological damage to the coastline has certainly affected all residents of the region.

Currently, BP faces over 300 toxic tort lawsuits from victims living in the Gulf Coast. In the coming months, it is expected that many more lawsuits will be filed. In total, these claims will seek billions of dollars in damages to provide relief for victims and their families.

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posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 9:05 AM

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