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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birth Injuries in Los Angeles, California

In the year 2010, most women in the United States give birth in modern hospitals surrounded by highly-trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Still, seven of every one thousand babies born in these modern, up-to-date medical facilities surrounded by highly qualified medical professionals will suffer a birth injury.

Newborn babies are fragile little human beings with soft bones and newly developed organs that are very susceptible to injury and infection at the critical time of their birth that can leave them with devastating, permanent disabilities for life.

Sadly, these injuries and infections are too often the result of a healthcare professional's negligence. Birth injuries are more likely to occur with a large baby or premature baby, during a prolonged or difficult labor or a breech delivery. Birth injuries can have a devastating and permanent effect on your child’s development and life experiences. Many birth injuries are irreversible and require expensive, long-term medical care and treatment.

You may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your medical expenses, mental anguish and more if your child was injured at birth. The qualified birth injury attorneys at The Cochran Firm can answer all your questions, evaluate the circumstances of your case and make sure you get the financial compensation you need to provide a safe and comfortable future for your child.

If you live in the Los Angeles, California area and you feel your baby was harmed as a result of a healthcare professional's negligence, please contact the experienced birth injury attorneys at The Cochran Firm today.


posted by Benjamin A. Irwin at 11:15 AM

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